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Vientiane Attractions

Vientiane's attractions hold and share the treasures of our nation. Celebrate Laos' unique and wonderful culture, delve into our proud history, and reflect on our nation's experience on the international stage. See our country and people through the eyes of our artists and experience Lao character through sound and film, books, exhibitions and festivals, or cycle through the beautiful scenery of Vientiane.

National attractions
The essence of Lao culture, history and way of life is reflected in the National Museum, Kaysone Phomvihane Memorial Museum, Vat Pha Keo and Lao People's Army History Museum in Vientiane. These national icons hold and share the treasures of our nation, offering an intriguing insight into Lao character, our peace, independence, democracy, unity and prosperity and our journey from the Kingdom of Lan Xang to a beautiful liberated nation.

That Luang Stupa
Vientiane's most visible attractions and precious and sacred national icon; the That Luang Stupa is the most important national monument in Laos. It was built in 1566 by King Setthathirath and represents a symbol of both the Buddhist religion and the Lao sovereignty.

A monument in Vientiane called Patuxay was built after World War II in commemoration of the fallen Lao men and women who have served in war. During the monarchy era, the monument used to be called "Anousavali" which means "memory" but since 1975 when the Pathet Lao took over power, the name of the monument has been changed to Patuxay, meaning victory gate. The Patuxay monument has become a significant and important part of the National Capital with many local and foreign tourists visiting the site daily.

Vientiane offers everything from luxury boutiques, malls to street markets and local designers if you know where to look. A visit to Vientiane is not complete without experiencing our modern Morning Market, the premier fashion and lifestyle shopping destination in the capital city of Laos. The the newly renovated Morning Market has lifts and esculators and offers so much from clothing, music, electrical goods, jewellery, souvenir items, arcade games for the kids, internet cafes and restaurants all conveniently located in Vientiane's Central Business District.

Family fun
With so many attractions, temples, museums and fun things to do, even the big kids can get away with being children in Vientiane. Here are just some of the great things to do for families.

Take the kids on a River Boat cruise at a leisurely place on the scenic Mekong River. Entering the cruise is free of charge but you are expected to purchase drinks on the cruise. Visit Lao-ITECC, the kids will love the the fresh foods in the supermarket, play some games of Tenpin bowling, even watch a movie in the cinema and occasional concerts and fairs all at Lao-ITECC. There are numerous restaurants along the Mekong riverside for families to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at an affordable price.

Vientiane is an inexpensive place to visit to relax and enjoy the many attractions and experience the unique Lao culture in our wonderful city and we are sure you'll want to return again and again.


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